Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Lady's Wish by Katharine Ashe

This was my first little taste of Katharine Ashe and for a short story, I was very impressed. This is the love story of Lady Patricia Morgan and Captain Nickolas Acton, a war hero, who meet once upon a time nine years ago and spent a magical day together to just be separated by forces beyond their control. Nik spends the next years always looking for this young lady, whose name is does not even know, he just calls her Isolde. He seriously searches for a year but then continues on his war duties as a Captain but is always searching the women he meets for those lovely cornflower blue eyes that haunt his dreams.
As for Patricia (ugh, hate that name for some reason, lol), she is forced into a marriage by her parents and continues to dream of her dashing, green eyed Tristan. After her husband passes away from being injured in war, she is left nearly penniless and to live with her mother-in-law, a women who thinks Patricia should remarry so Patricias two young sons have a father figure. As the Dowager Lady Morgan is pushing for her to marry yet another boring man she can not stand, she receives a mysterious letter from her late husband telling her to go search for a treasure but by a certain date, or it will be lost. She decides she will go and hopes to find one night of passion, trying to erase her long lost love and her memories from her sad marriage.
I am not really going to say much more about the plot as it could give a bit away, and I don't want to as I was surprised. However, when Nik and Patricia finally reunite and overcome all the little barriers of confusion they throw up, sigh, it was very romantic (and hot!). Patricia sister and aunt accompany her on this travel and add a bit of fun humor and I loved how the seemingly spacey aunt had a true, sweet purpose.

I am know kicking myself that Swept Away By a Kiss is still sitting on my bookshelf, unread and I hope to get to it soon as Captured By a Rogue Lord will be released next month! If you have not read Swept Away.... yet and want a taste of Katharine Ashe, shell out that $1.99 and read this! It was a excellent short story of how long lost love can triumph over anything in the end. The only thing connecting it to the other two full length novels, I believe, is the prologue and epilogue. Having not read Swept... yet, I did not feel like I missed anything at all and the epilogue just left me wanting to read the next one! I am going to go out on a limb and give this one 4 1/2 stars. Usually short stories don't have enough to to make me that happy but this one really did! I look forward to rereading it again and I can not say that for short stories, usually.

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