Friday, November 23, 2012

When the Duke Found Love by Isabella Bradford

Lady Diana is the youngest of her three sisters and it has come time for her to marry, especially since she has had a few indiscretions already but since her sisters are duchesses she is hanging on to her respectability.   Through some persuasion from her sisters and mother, she agrees to a marriage to a man she doesn't know.  After all, the arranged marriages for her sisters worked out wonderfully so it can happen again, right?  Wrong.  Her intended is a dreadful bore and not suited for her at all.  And to complicate matters, she runs into the most dashing man at the park...a man that sparks her interest and he is just as intrigued by her.  The Duke of Sheffield is no stranger to gossip himself and needs to marry a respectable young lady quickly to avoid the kings wrath and he finds himself engaged to a passable lady.  Unfortunately she is in love with another and all of Sheffield's thoughts are consumed with Diana.  Will Diana and Sheffield do what is proper of them or will the do one last daring, risky endeavor for true love?

Overall not a bad conclusion to a fun, yet somewhat predictable, series.  I enjoyed Diana and her zest for life but I did feel she bent to the rules her mother and sisters wanted her to follow rather quickly.  I thought there might have been more conflict with her but there was not anything major.  Sheffield was a joy to read.  Yes he has rakish tendencies but underneath he has a heart of gold.  I liked his manner with dealing with his fiance and I thought his dog added a wonderful sense of humor.  Paired with Diana's love for her cat, the animals are a great secondary act.  The attention to details through fashion and the surroundings was great and something I always appreciate and enjoy.  The love blooms fast between Sheffield and Diana but they find it hard to find some time alone but I appreciated how truthful they were with everything.  So while nothing major happens, which is a nice change of pace sometimes, this is a nice comfort read with love, laughter and family.  3 1/2 stars

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Wylder Sisters series
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