Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Devil's Thief by Samantha Kane

Julianna Harte needs money desperately for the foundling home she sponsors so, as the daughter of a reformed thief, she decides to steal her neighbors highly valuable, perfect pearl.  What she does not expect it to get caught by the very naked owner!  Alasdair Sharpe can't believe the cheek of this female, breaking into his bedroom to steal his pearl but he is instantly attracted to her and offers her a night in his bed for the pearl.  As Julianna has had a crush on Alasdair, she agrees and break out the fan because these two can burn up the sheets!  However, when Alasdair awakes in the morning and finds both Julianna and his pearl gone he is furious and sets about finding out her identity and reclaiming what is his.  What he does not expect is the blinding passion he feels for Julianna and how jealously turns him into a crazy man....surely it is just not passion that attracts him to this delicate, witty woman?  Will Alasdair be able to move past Julianna's thievery and control his anger to accept the most wonderful treasure to drop in on him?  Or will Julianna's desire to fix her wrongs cost them everything?

This was my first time reading anything by Samantha Kane and I thoroughly enjoyed it (even if a few plot points bugged me)!  The major thing that was hard for me was Alasdair's jealously.  He accuses Julianna of having another lover the day after their encounter, even though he was her first and he just can't let go of the idea she has another man in her life.  And when he sees her crying on another man's shoulders, oh boy!  His anger almost makes his do something regrettable but he, thankfully, comes to his senses in time.  Beyond the insane jealousy, Alasdair was a sexy devil, living life to the fullest, with lots of laughter and passion who meets his match in Julianna.  She keeps herself very plain looking but underneath the unremarkable exterior, she is full of passion and fire with intelligence, wit and charm.  She has a kind heart and wants to help the children as best as she can but Alasdair makes her see her thievery is just temporary and she needs a more permanent solution.  We are introduced to two other 'devil's' and they add some wonderful humor and friendship and I can't wait for their own stories as they seem to have secrets to share. . . There is a bit of action involving the man Julianna sells the pearl to that I enjoyed and I also enjoyed the little twists involving her foundling home.  The chemistry between Julianna and Alasdair is instantaneous and explosive so be certain to have a cool drink handy!  Overall, I really enjoyed this book, even with Alasdair's bossy jealously.  It has action, smoking passion, sharp wit and a romance that blooms under an unusual circumstance.  Samantha Kane has made a new fan out of me for her historical romances and I am anxiously awaiting the next story to see what she comes up with next time!  4 stars

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