Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Covers

Another lovely batch of new covers from out and about lately!

Jillian Hunter continues her her Boscastle Affair series with The Mistress Memoirs, out March 5th.  I love the attention to detail!  I have yet to read anything by this author but did pick up the first books (because I loved that cover as well) so I hope to be caught up by March in time to pick this one up!

Sweet Madness is book three from Heather Snow and another author I need to read as I have picked up the two previous books!  Argh, lol!  I really like this cover as well!  The blurb says the heroine studies maladies of the mind!  How interesting does that sound?  Look for it April 2nd.

This novella was originally published in an anthology which is no longer being sold so the authors are releasing them separately.   The Scandalous, Dissolute, No-Good Mr. Wright was a delight to read and I urge you to to read it if you have not at only 99 cents!  Such a lovely pink cover!!

Ooh, what a lovely, stormy cover!  Scandal in the Night is book three in the Reckless Brides series and will be out June 25th. 

Amanda Forester is a new to me author and A Wedding in Springtime looks to be her first straight Regency novel (her previous look to be Highlander stories).  It sounds fun and I will be grabbing it on its May 7th release.  I think the cover is very lovely and sweet and sexy at the same time!

I just read Pamela Sherwood's debut and I am eager for her next story, A Song at Twilight. I again love the attention to the background detail and the pretty shade of purple.  Look for this one August or October (different dates on goodreads and Amazon).

Well, will any of these be added to your list for the coming year?  I was hoping to get caught up on my mountain but I keep adding to my list for the new year of books I want to read. . . :)


  1. It is hard to chose which one cover I like best, but I have added Tessa to my TBR and I think my pile will topple over any moment. LOL

    1. Oh I just love Tessa Dare!! It is just a short one so it hopefully won't topple it too much lol :)