Sunday, November 11, 2012

What an Earl Wants by Kasey Michaels

Jessica Linden has had a rough five years with it ending in her husbands death.  Relived, she opens up a gaming hell to save up enough funds to open an inn and live quietly, determined to never marry again and be under a mans control.  When her father, with whom she is estranged, also dies she tries to get custody of her half brother and prepares to battle his guardian, Gideon Regrave, Earl of Saltwood.  Gideon is drawn to this fiery beauty and wants to know all her secrets and allows her to remeet her brother after so many years apart...and see what a silly fop he is now.  But more important than the custody battle, which is quickly set aside, is the quest for the truth about their late fathers and who they truly were and what they truly did.  As more and more is uncovered, Jessica and Gideon realize what a dangerous society they could be revealing.  Doing all they can to stay ahead of the game, they take measures to ensure the safety of all those possibly involved.  It quickly becomes clear, though, that this mysterious society is still alive and strong and still as dangerous as ever.  And what of the passion that burns between Jessica and Gideon?  Will Jessica be able to trust her life to another man and find happiness?

This is a book you want to sit down and just read without a lot of interruptions as there is so much information being given throughout the story.  I felt a little lost in the beginning as Jessica and Gideon meet right away and get right to the heart of the mystery aspect regarding the Society and there were a lot of names and places to sort through.  But I kept going, mainly because I loved the chemistry between our couple and I wanted to know all the secrets that I knew were going to come and with having read Kasey Michaels before, I knew that the twists would be coming and I was right.  As more and more is revealed about the Society, through some great secondary characters like the dowager Countess (she is an absolute hoot!), you are drawn deeper into a dark, twisted Society.  I really enjoyed watching Jessica and Gideons relationship grow from an almost protective attraction to a deep lasting love.  There is no major misunderstandings or mishaps...Jessica stands up for her feelings and Gideon respects that without being overbearing.  Jessica is strong, smart, brave and has a good sense of humor and is paired nicely with the protective, caring Gideon.  Gideon and his family, two brothers and a sister, may flaunt their scandalous past but when it comes to those they love, they are serious.  The mystery aspect surrounding the Society in this story is tied up but new threads are opened that will continue on in the next books and I'm anxious to see where they will lead.  So even though I felt a bit lost at times with all the information being revealed, once I was able to settle in and just read without my kids around, I really found myself sucked in and enjoying the tale.  Overall, a fast, twisting story with a smoldering romance that will leave you ready for more.  4 stars

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The Redgraves series
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  1. Jessica sounds like a very strong heroine if she is brave enough to open a gaming hell. I'm hoping that Gideon will be good for her. The aspect of adding a mystery into the novel has intrigued me even more!

    1. The books I have read from her suck me in and don't let go with the twist and turns!