Sunday, November 25, 2012

Waltz with a Stranger by Pamela Sherwood

Aurelia Newbold stays on the outskirts of society following an accident that left her scarred and crippled.  Instead, she lets all the attention focus on her perfectly lovely twin sister but when a mysterious man waltzes with her one night in the gardens, she starts to realize she might be worth something as she is.  This belief is cemented even more following a trip to Paris which restores her mentally and helps her physically.  Anxious to be back in London and with her sister, she is shocked to learn that Amy is engaged and disappointed when the man turns out to be her waltz partner.  James has newly inherited an earldom which he never expected to inherit and it is in dire need of funds so he proposes to Amy, a wealthy American and all seems fine until he sees Aurelia again and the attraction still burns between them.  With neither of them willing to hurt Amy, whom they both care for, they seem destined to be apart.  However some matters from the previous earl's past arrive in threatening letters and a persistent ship man and James finds himself confiding in Aurelia.  As they attempt to solve the questions lurking, will they be able to in time and find a way to be together, without hurting anyone?

This was an enjoyable, pleasant debut that is a bit on the sweet side.  I enjoyed watching Aurelia find the strength within herself following her accident, that her scars do not define her.  She was sweet, strong and sensible.  James was a perfect gentleman who I wish would have just waited for the sister who held his heart after just one dance but he thought her too timid and shy at the time so I guess I understand. . . We also get to see a lot of Amy and her feelings about her upcoming marriage and her new feelings for James' friend.  There is a wonderful sense of family and I really enjoyed their little bits they added and am excited for their stories to be told.  The mystery aspect wasn't bad and adds a bit of drama near the end but overall the book felt a little long.  As James is engaged and Aurelia refuses to betray her sister, not much happens on the romance front in the first half of the book and I would have liked a little bit more to happen sooner for my taste.  The writing is well done and smooth with lovely attention to detail and I will defiantly check out future works of Pamela Sherwood even though this one was a little slow for me.  Recommended for fans of a sweet romance with memorable secondary characters with just a dash of intrigue.  3 1/2 stars

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  1. This really does sound a sweet novel to read, Lisa. Even though you felt it was a bit slow, the other compliments you gave the novel are certainly enough to intrigue me into wanting to read it. Thanks for sharing such a great and fair review.

    1. Thanks Connie! I just think the engagement to the sister went too long for me but I really enjoyed her writing so I will be back for more!