Friday, August 17, 2012

Not Proper Enough by Carolyn Jewel

Lady Eugenia has come to London to continue on with her life after the death of her beloved husband by sponsoring a young lady.  What she does not expect is to run into the man that caused her so much pain when she married her husband.   The Marquess of Fenris was her husbands best friend and did not think Eugenia was good enough for his friend.  It also didn't help that he was immensely attracted to her himself but he stood aside and it cost him his friendship for some rude comments he made about Eugenia.  Seeing Eugenia again at a ball, he knows that he can not let her slip away again.  Fenris sets about to seduce Eugenia in any way possible.  Eugenia absolutely can not stand Fenris though and is frustrated by her attraction, both body and mind, to the man that seemed to despise her so long ago.  With Fenris' wicked touches and words whispered to her, she soon finds herself sharing part of herself with him.  However, can Fenris break down all the shell that Eugenia has surrounded herself in and show her that true love can happen twice, that one does not need to be proper at all times?

This was another delicious, detailed, smoldering romance from Carolyn Jewel.  Just like the previous book, Not Wicked Enough, I loved the attention to the fashion detail and surroundings.  I loved the snappy, almost bitter banter between our couple in the beginning and how that quickly turned into a smoldering, passionate affair that led to a whole new slew of emotions.  Eugenia loved her husband deeply and finds it hard to bear that she is moving on, and with a man that hurt her years ago.  She finds Fenris hard to resist though as he is always showing up, taunting her with promises of what they could share together.  Eugenia is always proper and then Fenris shows up, teaching her to smoke, sharing her first whiskey...tempting her to loosen up and let in a bit of un-properness.  The love they share is blazing hot yet tender and romantic all at the same.  There is a bit of a side story featuring Eugenia's charge and Fenris' father that adds in a dose of humor as the pair of them are enamored with botany.  I quickly saw where that relationship was headed and I would have liked to have seen a bit more of that, odd as it was.  Overall, a very strong battle of wills romance that is deeply sensual and breathtakingly enduring.  A satisfying treat for all romance readers!  4 stars

Review copy won from the author, thank you!

Reforming the Scoundrels series
Best enjoyed in order but could be read as stand alones
Not Wicked Enough (Seducing the Scoundrels, #1)
At least one more to come I think!

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