Saturday, June 16, 2012

Undone by Lila DiPasqua

Well, I devoured this book within days of its release and I see I never wrote a review for it!  So, this won't be overly long as, unfortunately, the story is not as fresh as when I should have written this review (and that just makes me anxious to reread it soon!).  I knew what to expect from this romance--a hot, sexy retelling of the fairy tale Rapunzel but the way it was wove together was pure magic.  I really liked the fact that the heroine didn't have a hair the length of a tower--because really, how was that going to work? :) But our heroine, Angelica, has grown up basically in seclusion in order to hide from her evil stepfather and is rescued by our handsome hero, Simon.  Angelica really did not want to be rescued and has to tell Simon the truth of her life and as she does, it becomes clear that the man Simon is hoping to uncover as a liar and a thief is also the man that most wants to harm Angelica.  Will Simon, a commoner, be able to prove to himself and Angelica that he is good enough for a noble lady or will he just let it all go?

Sigh.  I really adored this book.  I absolutely love retellings of fairy tales and I know I can count on Lila DiPasqua to deliver a winner with plenty of heat!  Simon and Angelique really know how to burn the fire!  Have something cool to drink handy :)  Angelique is strong and will do whatever she can to protect those around her and Simon has had to overcome a brutal childhood and it has molded him into the strong and commanding man is is today.  When the past is revealed to the full extent, have some tissues handy as you are sure to tear up!  If you like your historicals burning but filled with angst, love, passion and a bit of humor, please, grab Undone today and settle in for a treat!  I know I look forward to more from this auto-buy author!  4 1/2 stars

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