Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Covers

A few new covers this week. . .

This is one book I can not wait for and Jennifer Ashely officially shared the cover this week!  I like it but it doesn't really fit with the other covers in this series...I think it is the sunset color or something that is throwing me a bit.  I will have to wait and see this one in person :)  Look for The Seduction of Elliot McBride on December 31st.  Sigh...

Next is The Arrangement by Mary Balogh.  I love the softness and prettiness of this one!  I have not yet read the previous book in this series but I hope to soon.  This one looks to be out March 2013.

A Lady of Expectations and Other Stories features three stories and I know that Stephanie Laurens is a reprint.  I am not positive yet on the other two... As the cover is mostly purple I am drawn to it and I love the attention to detail on the dress.  This one will be out October 23rd.

Mia Marlowe shared that she wrote a prequel to her Touch of Seduction series and this is the lovely cover!  She had an interesting post on her blog about how the cover came to be here.  I love seeing behind the scenes on how these gorgeous covers are made :)  I really appreciate how she made sure that this cover matched the tone of her traditionally published books!   Look for Touch of a Lady soon.

Well, thats all for this week!  Are any of these titles on your to be read list?

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