Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Most Naked Solution by Anna Randol

When some new information comes up regarding the mysterious death of a local viscount, Lord Camden Grey reluctantly looks into it, as he is the justice of peace for his village.  Camden truly does not want to pursue much into the matter as the late viscount's wife was someone he knew when he was younger and had a crush on her so he does not want to turn her in if necessary.  Now, Lady Sophia Harding is back in his life, denying any wrong doing in her husbands death and denying she knows what truly happened.  But as Camden can see Sophia is lying, he attempts to find the truth any way he can.

Sophia is glad her husband is dead but is fearful that her father and brother had something to do with it.  As she refuses to see them suffer for her horrible marriage, she tries to do what she can to protect them--even if it makes her look guilty.  But when a mysterious gunshot almost hits her, it becomes clear that someone is now after her.  Being around her childhood crush brings back feelings that she thought were long buried.  Together, Sophia and Camden attempt to find out who would want to harm Sophia and also to prove the truth.  But as the truth of Sophia's marriage slowly comes out, can Camden forgive himself for ignoring her all those years ago and will Sophia finally be able to find herself and stand strong for herself and she that she is worth protecting?

First, I love this cover.  It is so simple and sexy at the same time and alludes well to the title :)  I really enjoyed this novella.  Sophia is such a strong woman but she has been beaten down both mentally and physically and we get to watch her try and find herself again, see that she is special.  She stands up and protects all those around her she cares for, even if it causes her harm.  The attraction that she felt for mathematician Camden as a girl, stills grows strong but learning to trust again takes time.  Camden was also a very enjoyable character.  He went to war and gained his cursory title but his true passion is math, much to the disappointment of his father.  I so enjoyed the scene where Sophia and Camden come together and work on Camden's math showed how normal and happy this couple could be out in the country.  Overall, an excellent novella that I didn't want to end!  If you missed Anna Randol's debut, A Secret in Her Kiss, this is a great taste of an author to watch.  A Most Naked Solution is sure to have something to please any historical romance fan--an intriguing mystery that does not overwhelm and a romance that will curl your toes all written in a delectable manor.  4 stars

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