Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Covers

Just a few new covers this week :)

Maya Banks just posted this cover to her Facebook page yesterday and I can not wait to read it!!  The only highlander books I have read was her previous series and I loved them so I am so happy she is writing another series which kicks off with Never Seduce a Scot in late September.  The next Scottish book then doesn't come out until Feb of next year!  Boo!  No back to back releases this time :(  But I love the cover :)

Oh, pretty teal! The Taming of a Scottish Princess is book four in Karen Hawkins Hurst Amulet series and I believe is the final book.  I have yet to read anything by Ms Hawkins but I have heard good things about this series so I hope to get to it soon.  I love how the cover model has glasses!

This cover came out right after my last cover post and it fits in perfectly with the first book in the Smythe-Smith Quartet series.  I am hoping the pop of the pink shoe factors into the story as the red show from the previous book did.  The midnight blue is very pretty and mysterious as well.  Look for A Night Like This May 29th.

Another lovely cover for book three in Liz Carlyle's Fraternitas trilogy.  The white is very serene but I really like the pop of green as the backdrop. The Bride Wore Pearls is out July 31st.

And finally here is an early glimpse of the upcoming Loving Lady Marcia (Aug 28th).  Kieran Kramer has not officially shown her cover so it may be tweaked a bit.  (Last time she had a pink cover they changed it to green so I think the pink will stay this time.)  It is the start of a new series from her titled 'The House of Brady' and I love the little quote "Everyone loves Marcia, Marcia, Marcia" LOL  Looking forward to a blurb about this book as Ms Kramer writes some wonderful, light hearted humorous stories. 

Well, thats all I noticed while out and about cyber land this week.  Any great new covers catch your eye this week?

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