Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lord Midnight by Donna Cummings

Marisa Dunsmore is on her way to her betrothed's home, Lord Westbrook,  to get better acquainted with him and she is in deep despair over the forced union but has been blackmailed by her father into the marriage to protect her loving aunt.  She is praying for any sort of distraction to force the engagement to end when her carriage is suddenly stopped by a highwayman!  Marisa believes her prayers have been answered, especially when a deep attraction between herself and the mysterious highwayman is ignited.  But as she and her brother are allowed to continue unharmed, but minus some valuable jewels, Marisa begins to feel the despair creep back in.   However, the highwayman recognizes the crest on the carriage and a plan begins to form in his mind.

Gabriel DeVault has a very personal, deep reason for wanting to extract vengeance against the current Lord Westbrook.   When he learns that the beautiful angel, Marisa, is his uncle's intended he decides to seduce her as nothing would devastate his uncle more than not having a pure, young wife to bear his heirs.  But a few mysterious meetings in her bedroom, where he only goes by Lord Midnight, cause him to alter his feelings as he knows he can not deceive Marisa in that fashion.  As Marisa pleads for Lord Midnight to help her escape this betrothal, he come up with a radical plan that Marisa is at first overcome with joy about but as Gabriel's truth about his past finally comes to light, the happiness of this couple is at a breaking point.

Overall, this was a well written, enjoyable story.  I did feel parts were a bit hard to imagine (Gabriel hides under the bed covers at one point when Lord Westbrook checks in on Marisa) but even with that, the characters were enchanting.  I really liked Marisa who is bold and clever but at the same time sweet and innocent.  Gabriel had his life turned upside down when his parents died and he ended up being raised by a Scottish man and you can feel his anger and need for revenge but can really see him wrestle with his feelings for Marissa and how he can accomplish both goals without compromising either thing.  His relationship with his crew of bandits was enjoyable and added some nice secondary characters.  Marisa has a difficult relationship with her father and I do wish we had seen more of a reason why but she does have a close relationship with one of her brothers that gets put to the test and I found the resolution to their differences well done.  And our villain, Lord Westbrook, is one of the ones that you feel for and want for him to turn good but in the end, he has his own justice for his behavior.  Again, a very enjoyable story and sexy romance despite a few bumps for me.  I am eager for more from Donna Cummings!  Recommended for fans of mysterious highwayman who have a decent heart who falls for a beautiful angel that he will do anything for and whom the angel will also do anything for the highwayman even without knowing the whole truth.  A wonderful romance with touches of despair, craziness, humor and passion!

I received a copy of this ebook from the author, thanks!

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