Monday, July 25, 2011

Viscount Breckenridge to the Rescue by Stephanie Laurens

"Heather Cynster knew that her latest plan to find a suitable husband was doomed the instant she set foot in Lady Herford's salon."  And so begins the adventure of Heather Cynster and her search for her hero.  Heather quickly catches the sharp hazel eyes of Viscount Breckenridge, family friend, and decides to just ignore him and pray he leaves her be.  That is not to be so and Breckenridge gracefully helps the bane of his existence exit the salon....only to watch her be kidnapped before she can reach her carriage! 

Heather is quite stunned by this quick turn of events but does not put up a fuss, especially when her kidnappers inform her they are not to harm her in any way.  She slowly starts to question the two men and women as to why she was kidnapped but her captors do not tell her much, just that they were hired to capture "one of the Cynster sisters".  As Heather has two other sisters, plus two cousins, who also fit the bill she decides to try to uncover as much as she can about her captor before attempting escape.  She is quite surprised, though, on their first stop for the night at an inn when she hears a noise outside her window and she looks out to see Breckenridge there.  Over the snores of her 'maid', she tells him she must stay with the kidnappers, that they are not out to harm her and she must find out who is behind this and why to protect her family.  Breckenridge reluctantly agrees and states that he will follow her and will get her out if the tides happen to turn.  When the party eventually arrives and means to stay until the laird behind the capture arrives in Gretna Green, they both know the time has come to escape.

Circumstances force the two to travel to Vale, home of Heathers cousin, on foot with the unknown laird close behind searching for them.  Near the beginning of their foot travels, Breckenridge grabs Heathers hand to steady her and they never let go, continuing to walk the entire journey hand in hand, emotions for each swirling and growing.  Once they finally reach Vale and its protection, Breckenridge tells Heather that the natural conclusion from both of their absences from Londons society will be to marry to protect her reputation.  This throws Heather for a tailspin, who even though she will be on the shelf after the season, will not marry unless for love.  Love for her and no other reason.  Naturally, these two are extremely stubborn about who will say those magic words first.  Heather wants to hear Breckenridge say them first but he was burned once by love in his past before and puts no faith in love anymore.  It takes a terrifying accident to finally get these two to open their eyes to what is right in front of their faces!   

This was my first Stephanie Laurens book and I was immediately drawn to the gorgeous cover!  I mean, wow, what a dress!  My only hesitation before starting this book was that this is book 16 in the Cynster saga (but book one in a new trilogy) and as I have OCD about reading books in order, I wasn't sure how that would go.  Overall, on that account, the few family members that made appearances just made me want to go read their stories and there were a few small mentions of things that had happened previously, like Breckenridge seems to have been in a story or two before just had the same effect.  It did not hinder this story at all, it just made me want to someday get to that big back list.

As for the story was really wonderful for most of the book.  I really enjoyed the beginning and the abduction and following results.  I enjoyed seeing a strong, smart women in Heather and a dashing, smart hero in Breckenridge try to figure out the best course of action for Heather and the protection of her family.  The mystery as to why she was kidnapped was revealed a bit but still left me anticipating the next book for more clues as to why this mysterious laird has to kidnap one of the Cynster sisters.  However, once the pair arrive at her cousin Richards home, the story slowed down a bit for me and just circled around the same topic....who will bend and say 'I love you' first.  Even with this slow down, I was impressed with the lovely, sexy, hot, emotional love scenes between Heather and Breckenridge.  I just wanted to knock their heads together too many times to make them open their eyes!  Overall, this is a wonderful romantic adventure with heat and passion that will leave you ready more of these strong Cynster women and the men who fall for them!  4 1/2 stars

Thanks to Avon, Netgalley, and Pam for letting me get a sneak peak at this one!

Also, at the end is a great explanation about the wonderful K.I.S.S. and Teal program to support ovarian cancer and how Avon Books is donating a portion of certain books (ebooks too!) featuring the logo on the book.  Please check out to learn more and help them raise their goal of $50,000!  This is definitely a great book to purchase that will help towards a great cause!

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