Thursday, July 14, 2011

Confessions of an Improper Bride by Jennifer Haymore

Wow, what a book!  This book drew me in from the prologue and did not let go!  We are introduced to twin sisters Meg and Serena Donovan as they are on a ship back home to Antigua from London after a devastating scandal involving Serena.  However, while on board something tragic happens to Meg that changes Serenas life forever and not always by her choice.  Now five years later Serena is returning to London with her younger sister Phoebe but there is a twist.  Serenas mother told the world that it was Serena who died at see, not Meg (as Serena was a bit of a wild child and not as well behaved as her mother would have liked) and the entire time her mother has been corresponding with Megs love from their first trip to London.  Posing as Meg, Serena is set to wed William Langley.

Serena reluctantly agrees to this plan as she has three younger sisters who need to be brought into Society and make good matches as the family has no money.  But she has very deep reservations and Serena does not want to see the man that caused her horrible scandal and shattered heart, Jonathan Dane.  And who just happens to be Langleys best friend?

When Jonathan sees "Meg" for the first time he is floored to be feeling attraction to her.  After all, she is his lost loves sister but the more he thinks about it, the more he starts to notice little differences between the supposed Meg and what Meg truly was like but just can not believe that Serena would be posing as Meg.  It takes one searing kiss to confirm his thoughts and he is filled with happiness.  After he believed Serena died, Jonathan wanted to die for the way that he treated her and he lets his life spiral out of control but with the help of his friend Langley he is able to stay adrift.  But how can these young lovers move past their hurt filled past and find happiness?  And what about Langley?

Now, I wasn't too sure how this was all going to play out (I'm not a fan of possible cheating) but Jennifer Haymore did a wonderful job!  Just when I would think something would happen a certain way, there was a small twist that kept me flipping the pages to see how it would end.  There is a nice side story involving Serenas sister Phoebe that didn't play out the was I expected either.  The entire ending worked out well for all the characters but I would have liked an epilogue.  Also, I still have some reservations towards Serenas mom for inventing this plan even if it was with good intentions so I hope we maybe get to meet her in the future books.  And I really hope we get to see more of Langley in the upcoming books!  For my first Jennifer Haymore novel I was very pleased and I have added her backlist to my every growing pile of fabulous authors to get caught up on!  If you enjoy a long lost lovers tale with plenty of twist and turns but no major mystery overshadowing your story, this is a delightful book to try!  4 solid stars

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 Donovan Sisters
Confessions of an Improper Bride (A Donovan Novel)  Out July 26, 2011
Secrets of An Accidental Duchess  Out Feb 1, 2012
Book Three to be announced

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