Saturday, July 16, 2011

Linnette, the Lioness by Lavinia Kent

Episode Two:  The One with the Fake Baby (love the 'episodes' names!)

We pick up right after Kathryn, The Kitten with the newest cartoon of the Dowager Duchess of Devoshire, Linnette, portraying her as pregnant first by her friends husband, then by the new Duke of Devoshire.   Little does society know that James was her first love eight years ago and he left and never looked back, until it was time to come back from Canada and claim the title.  Upon seeing each other again, the two fall into a secret love affair that they thought no one knew about.  Unfortunately, one of Linnettes friend Elizabeth happened to see them kissing...and a bit more...and it has strained their already strained friendship to the breaking point.  When Linnette tried to repair the bridges cracked from her relationship with Kathryn, Elizabeth is right there trying to dissuade Kathryn and the resulting incident is quite funny.

Now James wants nothing more than to marry Linnette and live his life with her, the life they should have had all those years ago.  Oh, but Linnettes reaction to this idea puts quite a wall around his heart and the two have quite the blow up at each other.  But after big fights comes the steaming make up and this one will definitely have you thinking about opera in a new light ;)  Can Linnette overcome her past fears of abandonment from James to finally be with the man that has held part of her heart for so long?  And will James forgive Linnettes cruel rejection and ask for her again?  Thankfully these are both answered in this 'episode' but once again, we are left with a tease for the next story, Annabelle, The American and I know I will eagerly be awaiting it!  Another fun, fresh addition to what is shaping up to be a fantastic set of novellas that feature tests to the bonds of friendship, cattiness, laughter, and the overpowering result of true love.  4 stars

The Real Duchesses of London
Kathryn, The Kitten
Episode One, Out now!   
Episode Three:  Annabelle and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad rumor
Annabelle, The American August 2011

Episode Four:  Title to be announced
Elizabeth, the Enchantress:  September 2011 (boy, I hope Ms Kent can redeem her because I do not like her to much right now!)

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