Friday, July 8, 2011

The Amorous Education of Celia Seaton by Miranda Neville

I wanted to read this book because the back cover summary made it sound very interesting and fun and I think it did a good job living up to the 'lessons' described!  Our story starts with Celia Seaton being held at gunpoint and being told to remove her clothes so she does not escape after being kidnapped.  After her kidnapper leaves, she is able to escape her small room, clad only in her shift, and stumbles over a man who is unconscious.  Oh, but not just any, it is the man that disgraced her in front of all of society with one snide remark.  When Tarquin Compton awakens and he has no knowledge of what happened, Celia decides to tell him a few faux lies.  Even as Celia is telling "Terrance Fish" these embellishments, he knows something is not quite right but what he does know is that he and Celia need to get away from her kidnapper. 

This begins my favorite part of the book.  The two of them are walking through the countryside surviving on little to nothing for food and are stripped to their raw emotions.  This is quite a departure for Tarquin who is the leader among Londons society for appearances and it does not take long for Celia to fall in love with him in this setting.  And as Celia has told Tarquin that they are engaged, he can not help but appreciate and admire this feisty woman.  They encounter a few humorous bumps in the road and eventually share a passionate moment together.  Of course, Tarquin does this under the assumption they are engaged to be married but not long after, Tarquins memories return and he is not happy when they do!

Celia knew it was a mistake to lie to Tarquin, but she was so hurt by his actions from the past she thought them justified.  She also knew it was a mistake to make love to him but does not believe they must marry, especially as it was her who deceived him.  The two finally stumble onto some land and Tarquin realizes it his his land and after cleaning up the two head to his friend, Sebastians house as it is not proper for a woman alone to stay at Tarquins home.  This part of the book was also a delight!  After reading The Dangerous Viscount (Avon) it was wonderful to return and see the birth of Sebastian and Dianas baby....and all the agitation that plagued Sebastian and his father-in-law was truly funny!   During this time Celia and Tarquin continue to argue as to whether they should marry or not.  Tarquin feels it is his duty to  protect her as Celia is alone and has no family but Celia does not want to settle and always be the follower of this well admired man and pitied upon from society.

As the story progresses, we slowly get small tidbits as to Celias scandalous upbringing and how that might factor into her kidnapping.  I had my own ideas as to why it happened and I was happy that I wasn't entirely correct!  There was a nice little curve ball that I was not expecting and I am hoping that the "villain" gets a story of their own!  I also liked that the back cover really sums up this book very well.  That little book that was left when Tarquin was knocked out and Celia reads adds plenty of heat and laughter!  What I really enjoyed about this book is that these two fell in love during their first ordeal together when they were just stripped to the bare essentials.  Naturally it took quite a bit for them to finally realize this but it was really worth it in the end.  I got a bit worried that the ending was going to have a Big Misunderstanding but once again, Miranda Neville threw a curve ball and wrote an ending that I absolutely loved and had me smiling the whole time I was reading it!  Wonderful story with excellent leading characters and great supporting cast!  I can not wait for more!  4 1/2 stars

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This is book 3 and I would recommend reading at least book two as characters from that book are featured quite a bit.  The characters from book 1 do not really make an appearance, just a mention (but still a good book!).
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Book Two
The Wild Marquis
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