Monday, July 11, 2011

Only Mine by Susan Mallery

Dakota Hendrix knows what she wants from life and when life throws her a hurdle, she has no problem jumping that hurdle and continuing on with her hopes and dreams.  When she meets Finn Anderson, who is in Fool's Gold to stop his twin brothers from appearing on a reality show being filmed there, she agrees on a hot, no-strings-attached relationship with the knowledge that Finn will be returning to Alaska as soon as possible.  When his brothers are selected for the show, Finn sticks around to try to talk some sense into them....after all, they did leave college with only one semester left.  But when Dakotas hurdles become a reality, she and Dakota both start to question what they want from their relationship. 

This is another wonderful addition to Susan Mallerys continuing series in Fool's Gold which is a new venture for her.  We got three books last year and three this year and I know of more planned for next year.  She even has a website dedicated to the ficitonal city:  But over and above this, this is a story filled with with Mallerys trademark warmth, humor and love.  Did the storyline take a bit of a predictable plot turn?  Yes but they way to the end was full of lots of family (seriously...could I be part of that Hendrix family?), heat and laughter.  Finn has some major letting go issues as he was thrust into the parent role of his brothers when their parents died and as a result he does not want anymore responsibility...he just wants to be done when he knows for sure they are reading to be let go.  His brothers, Stephen and Sasha, add a couple secondary romances and I look forward to hopefully seeing more of both as they grow in their futures.  A few of the characters from the previous books pop up as well but not enough that if you have not tried a Susan Mallery book you should hesitate to try this one!   I look forward to the rest of this years books, Only Yours (Hqn) and Only His (Hqn) featuring the other Hendrix triplets and many more wonderful books from Susan Mallery!  4 stars

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  1. Great Review. I enjoyed this title as well. I have an interview up on my blog as well as free bookmarks. Feel free to come visit!