Monday, June 27, 2011

The Wild Marquis by Miranda Neville

The Marquis of Chase is not a reputable man but when he is directed to a bookseller to gain information and help purchasing rare books in an auction he meets Juliana Merton.  Even though she is dressed dowdily in her widow weeds, he can see her beauty beneath and the sparks start to fly.  Juliana is in desperate need of the funds she would receive by representing Chase at the auction and agrees to help him, even though she finds it hard to believe this notorious rake is truly serious about books.  Imagine her surprise when she discovers he is and is most interested in the rarest book being sold, The Burgundy Hours.  But Juliana also has another reason for wanting to be at the auction, some of the books being sold belonged to her benefactor who raised her and she believes some of them were her mothers, whom she never knew.  This begins an interesting mystery storyline that leads to discoveries about Julianas past but doesn't overshadow the love growing between Juliana and Chase. 

I really enjoyed this book.  I was not expecting the storyline to revolve so much around a bookseller and a book auction which I found fun and fascinating.  Chases history is dark and very sad and heartbreaking.  I thought I sort of knew why he was kicked out of his home at sixteen, but I was way off.  The truth, when Juliana discovered it, was definitely shocking and the more Chase learned of his own past, the more secrets are dug out.  I enjoyed watching Chase grow from a notorious rake barely tolerated by society to a gentleman that stands up for what he knows is right and protects what he loves.  Yes he is a bit overbearing and presumptuous with Juliana but she holds her own with him and together they heal from the hurt from their past to make a future together.  This was my first Miranda Neville novel and I already have the next in the series, The Dangerous Viscount (Avon) ready to go and the third, The Amorous Education of Celia Seaton (Burgundy Club) ready from Netgalley.  4 solid stars

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