Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Heir From Nowhere by Trish Morey

I needed a quick read for the night while I waited for all the new releases to come out Tuesday morning and since I had a special offer from my Kindle (spend $10 on certain books get a $10 gift card) I browsed the selection and picked up three Harlequins that sounded good and had good reviews already.  The Heir from Nowhere (Harlequin Presents) is about Angelina Cameron, a woman who had tried to have a baby for her husband but failed and has turned to IVF to be told that they implanted the wrong embryos into her.  When she refuses to accept the clinics offer to fix the situation, her husband leaves her to go to his young mistress.  Angelina decides to find the true parents of her baby and give them the baby they had hopefully been dreaming about.

When Dominic Pirelli receives a call with a woman telling she is pregnant with his and his late wifes baby, he is floored and suspicious.  He agrees to meet this woman and see how much money she wants, because it is always about money in the end, no woman could honestly just give up a baby she carries for nine months without compensation in his mind.  When he meets the scrawny, drained woman carry his baby he knows he needs to take care of her for the baby's sake.  In true Harlequin way, a situation arises that forces Angelina to live with Dominic and we get to watch these two slowly develop a happy, loving, hot relationship that forces both of them to let go of their pasts to find happiness together.  Overall, an enjoyable way to spend a night that left me happy with the depth of the characters presented in this short novel ...3 1/2 stars 

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