Thursday, June 16, 2011

One Whisper Away by Emma Wildes

I really love when a title of a book just captures what the book is about and this one succeeded wonderfully. It all starts when at a ball when some champagne is splashed on Lady Cecily and the dashing, mysterious, half American, part Iroquois Earl of Augustine dries up the her bosom much to the shock of the ton, and Cecily. But to make matters worse, he leans down and whispers something even more shocking in her ear that just leaves the ton all abuzz to know what was said by the 'Earl Savage'. And as Cecily refuses to repeat what was said, the curiosity grows and grows.

As much as Cecily is intrigued and attracted to Jonathon she knows he is not a suitable match for her, after all he has admitted to his illegitimate daughter and brought her to London instead of leaving her in America and he also has no real plans to stay in London after his half sisters are married off. But when her father is close to accepting the offer of marriage from a man Cecily's sister, Eleanor, is in love with she knows she has to take a drastic course of action to force Eleanor to stand up for what she wants. Cecily proposes a plan to Jonathon--they will pretend an engagement so that Cecily does not need to accept Lord Drury offer and in return Cecily will use her family and influence to help Jonathons sisters find suitable matches. As Jonathons eldest sister had a shameful encounter in her past, he is most intrigued by this and decides to consider it. But what he proposes back to Cecily has her doing a double take.

I really enjoyed this story. The instant attraction between Cecily and Jonathon, as he prefers to be called, was hot and sexy. I loved Jonathons relaxed view of the English views and his utter devotion to his daughter. It was enjoyable to watch the budding relationship between him and his three sisters and I very happy to see that the eldest has her own story next in Twice Fallen: Ladies in Waiting (and once again, the title seems like a perfect fit already!). I loved how Cecily loved her sister so much that she did whatever she could to make her happy. I also enjoyed how Cecily never saw Jonathon as 'Earl Savage', he was always just a man to her. Now the ending had a bit thrown in that I wasn't expecting and it seemed a bit out of place but it still worked out in the end. There is no huge misunderstanding which I was happy about...just a wonderful story of a man with different views falling for a woman brought up with totally different views melding together perfectly. Ah, and the final ending...ends with a whisper :) I look forward to more from Emma Wildes! 4 stars

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