Tuesday, July 24, 2012

When You Wish Upon a Duke by Isabella Bradford

Lady Charlotte Wylder thinks her life is fine--she lives in the country with her mother and two younger sisters and a tree climbing cat.  So when a solicitor arrives one night to talk to her, and not her mother, she knows it must be something life altering.  Charlotte does not think it is going to be a summons from her fiancee... the one she never knew she had but has been engaged to since she was a baby.  Still, she dutifully goes with her family to London to meet and wed the Duke of Marchbourne.  Except their first meeting goes a bit awry...see March, as he goes by, is so anxious to finally meet his bride he 'accidentally' bumps into their carriage and more tree climbing ensures.  This is actually quite a fun first interaction between the confident and impulsive Charlotte and the solid, steadfast March and sets up the course for their upcoming relationship--fun and impulsive yet serious  But as the first attraction fades, will this couple find the happiness they long for without breaking all of society's' rules?

This is the start of a new series from Isabella Bradford and I enjoyed it.  Charlotte was a delight to read, though she is only eighteen which is always an annoyance to me even though I know it was perfectly acceptable during those times to wed and such.  Still, she is portrayed as eager to please her new duke but at the same time, do what is best for her and her heart.  There is quite a bit of back and forthness between our couple that I did find to be a bit tedious.  March grew up being very proper and knew that he was betrothed to a daughter of an earl to help boost his family standing.  Even though he is related to the kind his mother was just a mistress and if feels the taint still.  So March would let down his guard and be passionate and enjoy his new wife but then would immediately regret the way he treated Charlotte which naturally leads to Charlotte thinking she displeased him in some way.  And even though the talk about it, there is a deeper issue with March that takes some time to be revealed and helps explain his issues.  The attention to the details of the fashion during this time period was also great to read.  Not many books have heroines always in hoops and hair powder so it is always a nice treat to be immersed in something different.  Overall, a very delightful book full of wit and charm and passion that will leave you hoping this couple can overcome their trust issues and find the happiness they were blessed to have.  And oh, the epilogue is just going to make you sigh and smile.  So perfect.  4 stars

I received this eARC from Ballantine Books via edelweiss.com

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  1. Ha! I read and reviewed this one today too!!

    I really liked it. Have you had a chance to read the second one yet? I think I may have liked the second one a bit more.

    The two sisters are very alike yet different. I LOVED Charlotte though, oh my gosh. And March? :) Oh yeah!

    "When You Wish Upon a Duke" Review

    1. No, I have not read it yet but I am looking forward to it! Sigh, March :) Thanks for stopping by!!