Monday, July 2, 2012

It Begins with a Kiss by Eileen Dreyer

Fiona Ferguson is ready to flee her school when she receives word that her sister is missing but she gets caught and is struck with yet another punishment.  Her two closest friends help her flee again, this time with a better plan in place.  Fionas friend is certain her brother will help Fiona in her search if she would just wait but Fiona can't believe that anyone that recommended this school, a place of disappointment and punishment, would agree to help her--even if her brother did save his life.  All Fiona knows is that she must find her sister and nothing, and no one, will stand in her way.

Alex Knight arrives to late to talk to his latest mission--Fiona.  He has just received some information that will alter her life forever but first he must find the girl and make her listen to him.  Having his nosy sister along adds a bit of humor but Alex finds himself drawn to the Scottish beauty.  But what will Fiona do when she learns the truth about herself and also Alex, especially after they share a romantic kiss?

Well, I really enjoyed this and then it ended.  It ends with a cliffhanger and I don't believe the next book is out until next year!  This seemed like a long prologue.  It introduces us to a couple I can't wait to read more about--studious, feisty Fiona and dashing Alex.  We also meet the other young ladies that I believe will have their own stories told in the future.  We get just a taste of what is to come and then it ends, which frustrated me and detracted a bit from the story as a result for me.   This was well written and I could feel the attraction between Fiona and Alex and I look forward to reading their full story!  I also can't wait to see more of the friendship between the ladies and what becomes of the school they attend.  Overall, a very nice teaser introduction of what is looking to be a wonderful new set of books from Eileen Dreyer and I am very, very anxious to read more!  4 stars

--I personally think this would have been better released around a month or so before the full length book is to be out instead of months in advance.--

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  1. Oh it sounds wonderful, but a cliffhanger... to be honest, sometimes I may not read the book until the next book is available.. I may forget the important pieces or sometimes I find myself having to reread it so I don't feel lost.

    1. Yeah, I didn't really like the ending..if the full length was going to be out soon it would be all right but to wait until next year seems a bit long for me! Def read it when the new one is to come out :)