Friday, July 27, 2012

The Short and Fascinating Tale of Angelina Whitcombe

Hmm, I read this short tale about a week ago and it just has not stuck with me.  I liked it but it just didn't have that bit of extra shine I needed.  In a bit of a reading funk as well, so that may explain it too.  The writing was good, the romance enjoyable and we get a complete story even though it is short.  It, naturally, has excerpts at the end and I got sucked into Sabrina Darby's excerpt for her previous book (On These Silken Sheets) that I bought it--so mission accomplished, even though I didn't love this particular story.  But for 99 cents I have to say this is a great bargain and a tale, with a slight Beauty and the Beast feel and with just 'normal' (non-titled) people, that I feel many historical romance fans will enjoy. Angelina is a former mistress in need of some money but truly wanting love and this makes her very easy to connect with and John is a war hero dealing with the aftermath in an aloof manor that is enduring to read.  Overall, 3 stars for a quick read that will leave many readers satisfied and looking for more work from this author.

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Back cover blurb:


A beautiful young woman—preferably one with no connections, who won't ask too many questions—to spend two weeks in the North of England with an obstinate, aloof, and utterly handsome man.

Must love dogs, fixing up crumbling castles, and gorgeous and complicated war heroes who may or may not be hiding hearts of gold under their gruff exteriors.

Must not, under any circumstances, fall in love . . .

Simpering misses need not apply.


  1. I would sooo love to read this novel! I love the "want ad" as it sounds like the book would be chock full of humor. I certainly understand how sometimes readers get into a funk with reading and if I find myself in that situation, I just back off from reading for a few days and then get right back into it. I usually find that it's just simple eye strain from trying to "gobble" too many books in a row!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    1. I think you will enjoy it! I plan to reread it at some point and enjoy it more :) Just taking a break from review books and reading a contemporary or two to clear my mind so hopefully that helps! Thanks for stopping by :)