Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Covers

Hello~I've been a bit busy to post this weeks new covers so it has gotten a bit long :)  Lots of lovely covers to admire!!

Covet My Heart is the first book in Elise Rome's new series, Unmasked, follow the prequel novella, The Sinning Hour.  Sigh, so pretty.  This is one of my eagerly awaiting releases and hopefully we will have it soon :)  I'm not sure how Elise finds time to write as she seems to always be crazy busy but she seems too!

Sigh..I love this cover and yes that is mainly because it is purple and I love most things purple.  I like the expression on the women's face.  I enjoyed Manda Collins debut in her Ugly Ducklings series and How to Entice an Earl (which is book three) won't be out until February 2013.  Boo. 

Miss Lavigne's Little White Lie is book thee in Samantha Grace's Beau Monde series and another one I am looking forward too.  Does his shirt have a bit of a purple tinge to it to you?  Look for this one in October.

Mary Blayney looks to be a new to me author and I am drawn to this cover and hope to read it.  I'm not sure if this is officially part of a series but in the summary it says readers will return to the Penniston family.  Her website seems to be a bit out of date at the moment so I will have to do a bit more digging.  It looks like she has written four previous books with the same family.  Look for One More Kiss October 30th.

Yay!  A new book from Shana Galen!  A new book from Shana Galen!  Yes, I'm excited about this one :)  Shana said on Facebook that the cover needs to be tweaked a bit but I love it.  She looks like she is up to no good :)  When You Give a Duke a Diamond is the start of a new series called Jewels on the Ton which will be about three glamorous courtesans in Regency London, and what happens when they come across some dangerous diamonds and equally dangerous men and will be out September 1st (yay!).

How to Tame a Willful Wife is going to be a Regency re-telling of Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew and will be from another new to me author.   I am intrigued by this one and really like the cover!  Look for it November 1st.

Oh, this one is so pretty and from another new to me author!  It also looks to be a debut but I have not found an author site yet to confirm. Waltz With a Stranger will be out December 1st.

And finally here is the cover for To Tempt an Irish Rogue. This looks to be book four in Kaitlin O'Riley's Hamilton Sisters series.  I like the cover so I may try to get caught up before its release in November.

Well, I think thats it!  Not a bad one in the bunch!  Quite a few new authors...just what I need, lol!!  Any in particular that you are looking forward to?

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