Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Covers and a small update

Here are a few pretty covers from this week. . . I have quite a few more from the October books from Avon but since none of the authors have shared any of them yet, I'm going to wait another week or so to share them :)
Also, if my posts seem a little on the slower side it is because my work got slammed with work so I have been working at least 10 extra hours a week lately and that cuts into my reading and blogging time.  Sigh...it's more money (yay!) but tiring :)  Hopefully this will be cleared up within the next two weeks though!!  At least I hope so...I have to many books to read and my boys will be home from school so they need attention too...I guess, lol.

I really like this cover.  It is nice and simple and perfect for the holidays. Twas the Night after Christmas is a hardcover release that will be out October 30th and is listed on goodreads as book six in the Hellions of Halstead Hall but since I have not read the last two yet (and I thought the series was over), I'm not sure how this one factors in.  Anyways, I will be picking it up either way :)

Oh, sigh.  What a pretty cover!  You wouldn't think red hair and a magenta dress would work together but I guess they do :)  This will be an ebook available July 3rd and will introduce the new heroines in the continuation of the Drakes Rakes saga.

This is one awesome, sexy cover!  I love the red!  Ripe for Seduction will be out January 2013.  I still need to read the previous book (Ripe for Scandal), but I did enjoy the first novel in The League of Second Sons (Ripe for Pleasure) so I will get caught up before January!

Elise Rome shared the updated cover for The Sinning Hour!  This was previously going to be a novella but turned into a full length, yay :)  I love the gold!  That seems to be a hot color for covers lately.  Look for this one at the end of June (self publishing).

And finally is When the Duke Found Love.  This will be book three in Isabella Bradford's new series, Wylder Sisters and I love that the cover fits right in with the previous two.  The blue/yellow combo makes it pop a bit and I love the inclusion of the purple fan :)  Look for this one November 27th.

So, that is it for now!  Hopefully I can share the other goodies I have on tap as well soon :)  I really like all these covers--how about you?  Any of them catch your eye?

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