Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Upcoming early December historical romances

Here are some of the upcoming historical releases for the beginning of December!!  Looks like quite a few would make great gifts :)

December 6th

SurrenderRecklessly Yours: Her Majesty's Secret ServantsWhen a Duke Says I DoAn Unexpected GentlemanSeductive as FlameWhen You Love Someone

Dec 20th

Forever and a Day

Any in particular catch your eye?  I'm most looking forward to When a Duke Says I Do and Forever and a Day. Surrender is an updated version that Pamela Clare has edited and added in some extra chapters that she was forced to remove and it sounds promising as does An Unexpected Gentleman. I have yet to read Alissa Johnson but she has many glowing reviews, especially for her previous release.  Grab a couple of these and share them as gifts for your friends.  They are sure to be some winners :)

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