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Her Reluctant Groom by Rose Gordon

When Emma Green is tossed out of her sisters home one evening for reasons that are beyond her control, she is left with nothing but the clothes on her back and her reticule and the hurtful, snide remark from her cold hearted sister to go her supposed protector, Marcus Sinclair, Earl of Sinclair.  Emma knows that this knowledge is false but her sister sees no reason to believe her so Emma must go to her friend Caroline, who is Marcus' cousin.  Emma and Caroline, along with Marcus' sister Olivia, grew up together and Emma has loved Marcus since she was a young girl.  But when Marcus became engaged to her sister, she put her feeling aside and put on a brave face.  A terrible accident occurs and it leaves Marcus with many disfigurements and it causes her sister to cry off the wedding.  However, circumstances make Emma believe that Marcus truly loved her sister and is a bit heartbroken by the whole ordeal so she just keeps all her feeling inside and doesn't see Marcus for a few years.  But now, with her current situation looking so bleak, Caroline devises a slightly far fetched plan to send Emma to Marcus' home and Emma gradually starts to realize that maybe those feelings do not need to stay buried, perhaps they are actually returned.

Marcus Sinclair has turned into a bit of a recluse since his rash decision led to his accident but with the beautiful Emma now in his household to tutor his friends young daughters, he finds it hard to resist her.  When Emma gets a deep gash he goes into overprotective mode and makes her stay in his room so he can tend her as he is unable to go up and down the stairs due to his injuries.  Emma naturally balks at this but finally relents and discovers quite a startling little book called Lady Bird's Ladybird Memoir and it gives Emma quite a few spicy ideas!  As Emma and Marcus spend more and more time together, the sparks keep flying as do the heated flirtations.  But Marcus is keeping something from Emma that may ruin their chance at happiness and when he confesses to her and forces her to leave and return to London to find a proper husband, Emma is sure he will come to his senses.  However, the days just keep on passing with no sign of Marcus and Emma reluctantly arrives at the altar with another man and a broken heart.  Naturally, Marcus arrives, barely, in time but how it finally concludes is up to you to discover!

This was my first Rose Gordon book and I had heard good things about her writing from a few of my goodreads friends and I have to say I really enjoyed Her Reluctant Groom.  I thought Emma was bold but shy at the same time but she stood her ground when it mattered the most.  Now Marcus I did want to smack upside the head a few times for all the added grief he caused Emma when it was obvious to everyone how much she loved him, and him her, and how she was willing to overlook the past to move on with the future.  Together these two were a delightful couple with loads of sexual tension and sexy innuendos all while trying to remain proper.  I enjoyed all the fun they shared during their fishing excursions!  I thought the secondary characters added a good balance and I look forward to going back and reading Her Sudden Groom to read Carolines story and the next book, Her Secondhand Groom, features Marcus' best friend Drake who was a delight with his three daughters.  And it was interesting how both Marcus and Emma have uncaring, selfish sisters as it added a bit more depth to their relationship.  Overall, I thought this was a good story and the writing was well done, if a bit modern in some places, and I look forward to reading Rose Gordon's backlist and her future books.  I would recommended this book for fans of sexy bedside manners and fun ideas born from naughty books and fans of redemption and knowing that you are good enough and deserve true love.  4 stars

I received this ebook as a gift from the author for an honest review.

The Grooms Series
Her Sudden Groom (The Grooms #1)Her Secondhand Groom (The Grooms #3)Her Imperfect Groom (The Grooms, #4)
      Out now                     Dec 1st                   Jan 17th

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