Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Work is kicking my butt lately (two required extra hours of work the past two weeks...each day!) so my time to actually review is getting shorter at the moment.  I have been assured that this will hopefully clear up soon....what soon means, though, is anyones guess!!  Grrr...  But here are a few of the books I have coming up to read and will be writing reviews for. Here is what I have slated to read by the end of November (but will all be read and reviewed by mid-Nov):

A Midsummer Night's Sin (Blackthorn Brothers #2)Pride & Passion (The Brethren Guardians, #2)Brazen

And here is what I have to read by the end of December, lots of great ones coming out on the 27th!!

The Price of TemptationMy Ruthless Prince (Inferno Club, #4)How the Marquess  was Won (Pennyroyal Green, #6)The Duke Is Mine (Happily Ever Afters #3)Trouble at the Wedding (Abandoned at the Altar, #3)

See!!  Lots of good ones from Avon in Dec :) :)

And I have one more lined up but since it comes out the end of January it will be a bit before I can get to it, plus I need to read the previous two novels in the series but really looking forward to this one!  I loved Shana Galens Lord and Lady Spy :)

Rogue Pirate's Bride

Any one in particular that you are looking forward to?  I'm very eager to start the Eloisa James one!

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