Saturday, September 24, 2011

In Bed with a Highlander by Maya Banks

Ok, I going to confess that this was my first trip into Highlander territory and I was pleasantly surprised as to how much I enjoyed this story.  Our heroine, Marian grew up in a convent for most of her life as she is the illegitimate daughter of the late king and one day her world comes crashing down and she is taken away by an evil laird who tries to force her into marriage as he wants control of the land and riches she will inherit once she marries and has an heir.  Marian refuses and is severely beaten and tossed back into her chamber and by the grace of some servants, she is able to escape.  Along the way to the evil lairds castle, Marian had protected a young boy from being beaten and it is this young boy, Crispen, whom has a very agitated father and uncles looking for him.  When the men stumble upon Marian with the boy, they think she is the kidnapper of Crispen but Crispen fiercely defends the women who saved him, and she him as she thinks they are going to take Crispen, and eventually they are all taken back to Crispens clan.  Marian makes Crispen promise not to reveal her true identity and he agrees much to the annoyance of his father, Laird Ewan McCabe.

Ewan can not believe that this women refuses to obey him but he can not deny his attraction to her.  Over a bit of time, the truth about Marian comes to light and it is decided that the best solution is for them to marry so that Ewan may protect her and his clan is in sore need of the funds she will bring.  Marian sees she really has no choice and agrees but on their wedding day they are attacked by the man that kidnapped Marian and have a rough first encounter and this makes Marian very wary of the bedchamber.  But whew, does Ewan quickly make up for his mistake and we get to see these two strong minded, quick tempered people fall head over heels for each other.  I love seeing a strong man so used to his own way struck down by the love of his woman.  The fierceness that he will go to protect her is wonderful and Marian is just as fierce protecting her man and now her clan.

Overall, for my first Highlander book I think this was a good one to try as it has made me very eager to read more in the future.  I really enjoyed Marian with her bold attitude and her always loose tongue and mumbles under her breathe.  I enjoyed Ewan and his battle ready attitude that is slowly tempered down by Marian.  I loved the huge sense of family, blood or clan, and how the men, and women, will go to any lengths to protect what is theirs.  I can not wait for Ewans brothers, Alaric and Caelen, to have their stories told and thankfully there is not a long wait!  4 stars

And on a side note...I do like the cover but shouldn't the male have longer hair?? 

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