Monday, September 19, 2011

The Heir by Grace Burrowes

Here is just a quick review of the debut book under the name Grace Burrowes~

Good storyline with a sexy Earl and a sparkling housekeeper who discover that sparks fly when they are together and are quite unsure how to move forward with their relationship as it is obvious the housekeeper, Anna, is hiding something. 
Overall, a very enjoyable book even though it felt a bit disjointed at places.  Sometimes I felt like I missed something as the timetable would jump ahead when I wasn't expecting it too....and part of it was on my end, I kept getting interrupted while reading it but I still felt a bit confused at times.  Gayle Windham, Earl of Westhaven, is sick of his overbearing father and hides out in his country house where his smart, beautiful housekeeper gets him all tied up in knots.  He and his brothers can tell she is hiding something but Westhaven still decides to start a courtship with Anna, always making her feel like she is not just another woman.  Anna has a secret past she is trying to move on from and protect and slowly lets Westhaven in and then retreats backwards and it is a bit frustrating.  I thought I sort of guessed the secret near the beginning and it isn't fully revealed until near the end and I am happy to say I was pretty close to right :)  Still, even with Anna being a bit of a annoying heroine at times, Westhaven is truly a delightful hero and his brothers and relationship with them and the rest of his family was excellent and make me very eager to read all about the rest of this family!  4 stars

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