Thursday, April 21, 2011

Till Dawn with the Devil by Alexandra Hawkins

This was yet another enjoyable, quick read for me from Alexandra Hawkins. This is the story of Gabriel Housely, Earl of Rainecourt aka "Reign". Reign catches a glimpse of a pretty woman with blue bows on her gown and when he finally finds her in the room, Lady Sophia is chatting with a man he believes is of questionable character and sweeps her off to dance. Little does he know that Lady Sophia suffered an horrible accident as a child and her vision is damaged and she avoids dancing as she can not see well enough to keep up in an unfamiliar surroundings. When Reign calls her clumsy, she about bits his head off!

Now Reign and Sophia share a terrible tragedy from their childhood and when Reign discovers who she is he tries to put his feelings aside. But he happens upon her in town one day and show her a bit of archery...and I guess they had several encounters like this, but like the previous book, this was all off the pages. Not quite sure why both books had so much of the developing relationship take place off the pages but its the one major thing that bugged me about both books.

Anyways...Sophias brothers force her into accepting marriage to help cover their gambling debts and Reign catches wind of this plan and comes to Sophias rescue by offering marriage to himself so he can protect her. Now Reigns first wife died a tragic death that he is blamed for, though he had no part in it, and has vowed to never be duped by love and happiness and marriage again. But something about Sophia settles in his heart and just never lets go. When they are forced to leave London and return to his country home, the scene of the tragedy of their young lives, there is quite an odd twist that I did not see coming. Again, a tad unbelievable like the first book, but it had me turning the pages quickly to see how it all unfolded. This is a great story of love and trust and healing huge hurdles and the added bonus of a visually impaired heroine that is not afraid to speak up for herself makes this a good book not to start before you go to bed...unless you want to stay up all night reading it! Looking forward to more of these Lord of Vices, I believe there are seven men so hopefully we get seven books! 4 stars

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