Thursday, April 7, 2011

Everyone Loves A Hero by Marie Force

After hearing many good things about Marie Force and her books, I am happy to add to the great praise she gets. This is a sexy book about love at first sight and some bumps along the way to their happy ever after. First Officer Cole Langston landed a plane during some unfortunate circumstances and is reluctantly a hero and in the spotlight. Just when the hoopla is finally settling down a bit, he stops to get some Mentos at a shop in the airport and sees a man giving the cashier a hard time. When he asks the man to back off, he gets a fist to the face and the next face he sees is that of the beautiful cashier, Olivia. There is a jolt between them and then he is carted off to the hospital with just her face burned into his memory. The next time he is in Olivias airport he seeks her out and the relationship goes full steam from there. They start up a hot, sexy long distance relationship. Cole plans some sweet surprises for Olivia and it is clear that these two have fallen hard for each other, fast.

This is a great contemporary novel to soak away a day with. Yes, Cole is a bit too perfect and I wanted to smack Olivia a few times for her insecurities with him and I really didn't care for the wrench that was thrown in at the end with an ex, but overall, it still made me smile, sigh, sweat, and cry a bit at the end. Looking forward to getting to the rest of Marie Forces books! 4 stars

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