Monday, December 20, 2010

Wedding of the Season by Laura Lee Guhrke

This was a fun, delightful read from another new to me historical author. We meet up with Beatrix and Will right off the bat....she about runs him over with her motorcar as he is returning from Egypt after six years. That was one of the first things that surprised me about this book, the setting. I loved that it took place during the early 20th century and we got the added bonus of the motorcar and such, it really was a nice change of pace for me! But even as Trix checks on Will to make sure is all right from being thrown from his horse, their past love and passion reignites right away and sparks start to fly!
Will confronts her about her new engagement, to the safe, reliable Duke of Trathen and as Will and Trix continue to run into each and he observes her with Trathen he starts to question why she has changed so much. Why is she eating caviar when she hates it? Why is she denying herself champagne when she loves it? He persists in asking why she always does what other people want her to do and denying her dreams for herself. Will knows the reason why she did not marry him and go with him to Egypt to look for King Tuts tomb was because of the short leash her father had on her. Trix just wants to have a nice normal life and have children and not traipse all over Egypt without the security of a permanent home and convinces herself that is the only reason she did not go to Egypt...not because her father would have forbade it.
When Trixs fiancee catches Will and Trix in an embrace, he breaks off the engagement and Will begs Trix to marry him but she refuses as she still does not want to travel. But Will continues to court her and they soon realize all the passion and love is still there, after all these years. This is a wonderful story of childhood sweethearts who become separated but never stop loving each other. I am looking forward to Trixs cousin Julia (she is a blast) and Trathens story in Scandal of the Year as I can not wait to see how the fun loving girl and the strait laced man fall in love. If you love childhood sweatheart stories, check this one out! 4 stars

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