Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dukes to the Left of Me, Princes to the Right by Kieran Kramer

This is Kieran Kramers second book in the Impossible Bachelors series and I thoroughly enjoyed it! If you are in the mood for a light, funny, laugh at loud romance with a delightful, spirited heroine and a dashing, spy hero this is the book for you. We get reacquainted with the second of four Impossible Bachelors, the Duke of Drummond, Nicholas Staunton (though he was know as Lord Maxwell I believe in the first book) who needs to marry to stay a member of the Service. Now, Lady Poppy Smith-Barnes has turned downed numerous proposals because she is a member of the Spinster club....they will only marry for love, nothing else. She always says in her rejection, that her heart belongs to the Duke of Drummond, whom she believes is not real. Needless to say, when the real Duke turns up....she is forced to accept his proposal or be ridiculed by everyone in the ton.
They hi jinks that accrue after this fact are quite fun. Poppy accidentally discovers that Nicholas is working undercover in the Service on a highly sensitive mission and he is forced to tell her the details and enlist her help. Her help comes in handy as they need to stay close to the Prince and Princess of Russia to get a painting away from them. Poppy has had a childhood crush on Sergei since she was a teenager and finds it very easy to be around him, until he reveals his true self to her. And Nicholas, unfortunately, had a brief relationship with Natasha beforehand and is forced to endure her advances, even though he despises her. Ugh, Natasha...what a vile female!! And Sergei is no better! But as Poppy and Nicholas work together, their feelings for each deepen.
The one thing that bothered me with this book was the ending. Once again, like When Harry Met Molly, so much happens in the final chapters it is overwhelming. Its like...bam...bam...bam...and another bam. I just wished some of the secrets had been exposed a bit sooner instead of one right after another. Besides that fact, this is a fun, lively book and I look forward to Ms Kramers third novel, Cloudy With A Chance Of Marriage! 4 1/2 stars

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