Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wicked Surrender by Jade Lee

This is yet another new to me author and I was once again, pleasantly surprised. This book follows Scher Martin and her dream to be accepted into society as she is but the daughter of an actress. As the owner of the Green Room, a theatre/bar, she is offered to become more than one mans mistress almost daily but Scher longs for the respectability that comes with the wedding ring. Her mother, father, and sister all passed away from sicknesses due to the fact that the doctor helped higher ups in society before going to help them. Scher does not want this for her future children and decides she must marry well to protect them and herself.
So Scher accepts Kits proposal and begins to deal with his horrible family and society's reaction to her. The only person that understands her is Kits cousin Brandon. He was sent by his family to sleep with Scher and forcing an end to the engagement and saving Kit but he realizes he can not do it as he discovers feelings for her. Brandon begs her to become his mistress but Scher refuses without the ring, but Brandon has many deep demons of his own and can not marry her.
As the story unfolds and Brandons past is revealed, I have to admit, I did not now how this couple I was rooting for would end up together without hurting Kit and others. This is a moving story of love with plenty of sexual tension and the eventual "surrender" is very well done, and not rushed. And the epligoue....wowza...guess I am reading the next book, Wicked Seduction! 4 stars.

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