Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Trouble with Sin by Victoria Vane

Victoria Vane is back with another fun look into her popular Devil DeVere series!  This time we get a nice glimpse of the upcoming hero for Jewel to the East, Simon 'Sin' Singleton...and how he came to earn the nickname of Sin.  His parents have had enough of Simon's carefree attitude about life and it forces Simon to earn his way if he wants to keep enjoying all the women in his life.  When an opportunity comes his way to write advertisements for women, in essence poetry about lewd women, he thinks his luck is about to change!  Ah, but then there is a lovely woman that he just has to have...and she needs a silk dress...and there goes his money in the blink of an eye.  His soft heart for women is his biggest downfall as well as his greatest joy.

Guaranteed to make you giggle and smile, this is witty installment to the wonderful, detailed Georgian world that Victoria Vane has created.  This glimpse of Simon as a younger lad and how he comes to be the man we will see later is well written and smart and will make you that more anxious for him to find his true love and settle down!  I know I can not wait to see him fall :)  If you are new to her writing, this works well as a stand alone but as this is just a prequel of what is to come, there is no romance or solid conclusion.  I enjoyed seeing a bit more of the solid friendship between Ludovic and Ned and how all their antics together change their lives forever.  Even though this is short, it is well written, well thought out and executed brilliantly.  4 stars

Review copy provided by the author, thanks so much!!

Devilish Vignettes
Devil in the Making (Devilish Vignettes #1)Ned's Folly (Devilish Vignettes #3)
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  1. Sounds fun. Need to give Ms. Vane a try. =)

    1. Gasp! You must try her Kat :) A Wild Nights Bride is only 99 cents :)