Monday, March 4, 2013

If You Give a Rake a Ruby by Shana Galen

Warrick Fitzhugh needs the help of the lovely Fallon, the Marchioness of Mystery but since she surrounds herself with friends and lovers at all times he has a hard time finding a way to speak with her.  So he does the only thing left to him...he sneaks into her bedroom and proceeds to reveal the secrets of Fallon's past, the secrets she wants to stay hidden.  Fallon sees no other choice than to help Warrick find the information he needs and they start on an adventurous hunt for the truth of who wants Warrick dead and once part of that is revealed, it turns Fallons life a bit sideways.  Throw in a smoldering attraction between Fallon and Warrick and this couple strives to find a way to see if this attraction is real...or part of the chase.

I know I can always turn to Shana Galen for fast paced, sexy adventurous romances and this is exactly what this book delivers!  Warrick is determined, bossy and dangerous and has a strained relationship with his family following his decision to become a spy, which caused the death of his brother.  Fallon is honest, clever, kind, brave and ready to take on anyone who gets in her way of what she wants.  Together they make a good pair but I did feel like their relationship was a bit rushed.  So much happens in just a small amount of time and I would have liked to have seen a bit more development with their relationship before they acted on their desire for each other.  I'm not sure I completely believed the 'I love yous' when they came.  Beyond that though, this book was a fast, fun read and I love how secrets are revealed at a pace that you just keep reading...until midnight without even noticing as it was very easy to get swept away by the action.  We get a good look at Fallon's fellow Jewel of the Ton, Lily and I am very anxious to learn about her secrets and to have a resolution to the overall mystery arc between these three books.  While not necessary to read the previous book, When You Give a Duke a Diamond, I do think this book is stronger having read it first.  Overall, not my favorite Shana Galen book but still a well written, action packed, surprising, steamy romance that deals with the issue of the heart and of family.  4 stars

eARC provided by Sourcebooks via netgalley

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  1. I pretty much know I'm in for a good read when Shana's name is on the cover. :) Thanks for the review!