Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Covers

New covers from out and about lately. . .

I love this cover!!  The color is just lovely and I am so excited for a new series from Katharine Ashe!  Look for I Married the Duke Aug 27th.

Lily Dalton is a new author and her debut, Never Desire a Duke sounds very intriguing!  The cover is just perfect for the holidays and the wintery setting of this book.  I will be grabbing this one Sept 24th!

A new Maya Banks highlander?  Yes please!  Super sexy cover off set by a nice bold blue.  Highland Ever After, book three in a series, will be out Sept 24th.

I love all the covers on this cover!!  The green just pops but the red and purple add a lovely background.  I have really enjoyed Erin Knightley's books and I am very eager for Flirting with Fortune, out Sept 3rd.

Gah!  I can not wait for this book!!!  Is it Oct 1st yet?!?  And what a sigh worthy cover.  The Wicked Deeds of Daniel Mackenzie is going to be such a wonderful addition to this amazing series, I know it :)

Oooh, look at the pretty red dress!  And the wonderful attention to detail, such as the quill (which Theresa Romain said is part of the story).  I love when a cover matches a book and It Takes Two to Tangle, the start of a new series, looks to fit the bill nicely.  Very eager for Sept 3rd!

Well, I believe I have all of these pre-ordered and I really adore all the covers.  What about you?  Which ones are you most eager for or are drawn to because of the cover?


  1. They are all gorgeous, Lisa! I could never choose which one I wanted first. Looking forward to their publication. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Good thing they all come out a bit apart so we can read them all lol