Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Problem with Seduction by Emma Locke

When a beautiful courtesan approaches Lord Constantine Alexander with the offer of ten thousand pounds for his aid in getting her son back, it seems like an easy 'yes'.  After all, all he needs to do is cast doubt of the childs paternity and then be on his way... but that would be too easy.  Lady Elizabeth Spencer's former paramour, after being embarrassed into giving the child up, starts to cause a ruckus about his son being stolen away from him.  And then there is Con's family.  They want him to do right by Elizabeth, she is a lady even though she left that life behind and she has plenty of money to help this debt ridden family. Con and Elizabeth know they truth about their faux relationship but these circumstances force them to spend time together and put on a united front.  As they spend time together, a mutual attraction grows and Elizabeth decides she must keep Con around to keep her son and the way to keep him is to seduce him.  Con refuses to be bedded just for sport and he refuses her advances and we get to watch them slowly find their true way to each other.  When a drastic turn arrives in the form of Elizabeth's rotten father, it will test the boundaries of their fragile relationship, which is further stretched thin when Elizabeth keeps an important bit of information from Con.  Will Con be able to trust Elizabeth again and how can they keep her son?

What an interesting, fun, sexy, emotional romance!  I enjoyed Emma Locke's debut but I think this one is even better frankly.  It may have tugged on my heart strings a bit more since I could not imagine being separated from my son but the whole story line, from Con's delightful family and all their personal struggles to Elizabeth and her obnoxious family and her need to find her place in life was such a pleasure to read.  If you have read the previous book in this series (The Trouble With Being Wicked) Elizabeth came across a bit selfish and self centered but since the birth of her son she has had a wonderful change about her, making her take stock in her life and her choices.  She is bold, clever and sassy and I really enjoyed her.  And Con.  Sigh.  Such a gentleman!  He agrees to be a babies father and when he realizes that this means more than just five minutes, it means for life, he jumps in with both feet and never looks back!  He loves and cares for his family so much but carries so much on himself.  There are five brothers (he is the fourth) but it is his twin that is causing him the most pain, especially financially.  He strives to fix this and I liked watching how all these men bounced off each other and the addition of his mother, who has no problem accepting her son's born out of wedlock son, was a nice family relationship.  Together Elizabeth and Con are a good couple who have many flaws to overcome but together find the happiness they so deserve.  A charming, well written treat filled with ups and downs that is sure to make you tear up, cheer, smile and sigh all along the way to a happily ever after. 4 very solid stars

eARC provided by the author, thanks!

The Naughty Girl Series
Best enjoyed in order
The Trouble with Being Wicked (The Naughty Girls, #1)The Art of Ruining a Rake (The Naughty Girls, #3)
                                     Spring 2013


  1. What a gorgeous cover! I hadn't seen this before, glad to hear it's great!

    1. They are all very eye-catching covers! That is what initially drew me to them :) I hope you enjoy it!!