Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Too Dangerous to Desire by Cara Elliott

Sophie Lawrance is the oldest of the three daughters of a widowed clergyman who is slowly sinking into dementia.  Sophie has resigned herself to be a spinster and hopes to see her younger sisters marry well.  She is being blackmailed to prove that her father was not stealing from the church before he retired.  Sophie knows this cannot be true but is at a loss to find any proof to the contrary.  Cameron Daggett is a former childhood friend of Sophie's.  Along with two of his friends, he is part of the Hellhounds which is a group of men who work underground supposedly for the good of others.  Cameron encounters Sophie leaving a seedy gaming hell where she had gone to meet her blackmailer to give him yet another small payment.  Cameron agrees to teach her some of his lock picking and thieving skills to try and find the proof that her father is innocent.  In their meetings, their attraction begins to grow stronger and both become very involved in solving this mystery.  In searching for this proof, she is also searching for the proof that Cameron parents were married thus making him the true Lord Wolcott and not the bastard son of his father. 

I can honestly say that I found this novel a bit silly and unclear at times.  Perhaps it's because I have not read the first two novels.  While I liked that character of Sophie, I felt that Cameron appeared to have a devil-may-care attitude throughout the story.  I have read other Cara Elliott's novels but, unfortunately, this one is not a favorite.  3 stars

**Reviewed by Connie**

Review copy provided by publisher, thanks!

Lords of Midnight series
Best enjoyed in order
  Too Wicked to Wed (Lords of Midnight, #1)Too Tempting to Resist (Lords of Midnight, #2)

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