Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Covers

Some new covers noticed lately. . .

Jennifer Haymore is starting a new series, House of Trent, with the June 25th release of The Duchess Hunt.  I like the simplicity of this cover with the title on the bold color stripe... something a bit different.  Looking forward to this one!

Julia Quinn shared the cover for the print version of all the Bridgertons epilogues plus a new one!  I have yet to read more than book one in this series (I know! I know!  Fixing that soon!) but I know a lot of fans are very excited for this one.  It looks to be a trade paperback though so thats a bit of a bummer..won't match the other books but the cover is just lovely.  Look for The Bridgertons: Happily Ever After April 2nd.

Eloisa James continues with her fairy tale series, which work as stand alones, with a Rapunzel like tale, Once Upon a Tower.  Very excited for this one and I really love this cover!  The allusion to Rapunzel is perfect.  This one will be out May 28th.

**And over at Heroes and Heartbreakers Facebook page you can help choose the cover for Kieran Kramer's upcoming book, Say Yes to the Duke!  Three different poses done by the amazing Jon Paul Studios are available to choose from.  Head on over, voting is open until the 17th!  Such a neat, fun idea and I hope to see more like it!


  1. Hi, Lisa!

    I love these authors and have put these on my calendar/Wish List.

    I do hope you read more of Julia Quinn's novels. I have read everyone of them and love them. Her signature humor is something that a reader soon learns and that makes her novels so much fun!

    All the best!


    1. I plan to read them soon! I have read her newer books and really enjoyed them so I know I will enjoy this series!

  2. I fell in love with Jennifer Haymore's writing with Secrets Of An Accidental Duchess and look forward to reading The Duchess Hunt. She pulled every emotion out of me reading her book.

    1. I really enjoyed that book too so I'm happy to see she has a new series!