Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Covers

Some new covers that I found recently. . .

Karen Hawkins shared her upcoming covers this past week.  How to Pursue a Princess (love that title!) is book two in her Duchess Diaries series and will be out May 21st.  Love the pretty background colors.

And before that she has a novella coming out!  Princess in Disguise, which has my attention based on the title alone, will be out February 25th.  I am so glad that the publishers are taking the time to make nice covers even for their novellas.  This one is nice and sexy and I love the staircase.

What the Duke Desires kicks off a new series for Sabrina Jeffries!  I got behind on her last series but I really enjoyed what I read so I'm looking forward to this one.  I love seeing corsets on covers :)  Look for this June 18th.

A new Tessa Dare cover!  A new Tessa Dare cover!  Love it!  So, so excited for Any Duchess Will Do :)  It's purplish-pink and pretty and lovely and I love the little sparkle on the bottom of her dress.  And I love that there is a step back!!  So sad to see hardly any books with these anymore!  Sob, why can't it be May 28th yet?

I saw this one up on Goodreads.  Love it!  Her dress is such a pretty color and I love that she is blowing a kiss.  A new Julia Quinn is always a treat so The Sum of All Kisses will be picked up on June 25th.

A Little Night Mischief looks to a a debut set for release June 4th.  It's a kind of nice to see the male wearing a shirt for a change and I love the background detail.  This features a heroine determined to keep her estate after it is gambled away by disguising herself as a ghost...which the hero does not fall for.  I will be keeping my eye out on this one.

Ooh, pretty pretty!  And Then Comes Marriage is book two in Celeste Bradley's new series, starting at the end of this month.  I have yet to read anything by her but heard good things about the first book so I am going to give her a try and hopefully be picking up this one July 30th.

Well, there you go!  Lots of great covers again.  Any new titles caught your eye?


  1. You have just placed before me a plate of the most delicious looking candies! Sigh....I cannot wait to read each of these! I'm made a list of them for my upcoming calendar and Wish List!!

    Thanks for doing the research!! :-) Wahoo!

    1. I keep a list too so I know how to budget my money... not that that always works lol!