Sunday, May 22, 2011

How to Woo a Reluctant Lady by Sabrina Jeffries

Lady Minerva Sharpe has no illusions to marry as she writes gothic novels and refuses to bend to her husbands demands, but her grandmothers ultimatum that all her grandchildren must marry within the year to gain their inheritances throws a wrench in her plan. So when the roguish Giles Masters turns up and proposes marriage she decides to accept...but only to thwart her grandmother who surely will not want such a gambling rogue in the family! Too bad Giles is the man she has been in love with since she was a girl and he showed her tenderness at her parents funeral. Too bad these two shared a passionate kiss almost ten years ago that neither one has been able to forget.

Giles Masters arrives at Minervas home to stop her hair-brained idea to marry any old gentleman off the streets, which are all arriving at her home due to her published a request for all marriage minded men to arrive at her home, just to displease her grandmother. So Giles proposes marriage and agrees to her idea to try to rile her grandmother. Too bad he tells her grandmother everything as Giles has true feelings for Minerva and truly wants to marry her. But Giles also has another reason for approaching Minerva...she has based her evil character Rockton from her books on him and some private details from their past are a little to close to the surface and he needs her to stop writing him. Giles is actually a undercover spy for the government and can not have his past deeds come to light.

Watching these two resist each other when they obviously have feelings for each other was fun. I loved how Giles is a barrister and we got a glimpse of a trail which was different and enjoyable. I loved Minervas brothers and their over protectiveness of her, even though Giles is a family friend. They do not think he is a good match for her based on his past, but his past is all a sham to cover up him true past and shame. The story moved along very nicely with just enough intrigue to keep you going. Their is a continuing theme of the investigation into the Sharpes childrens parents horrible death so it may be a good idea to read the previous two books, but I think you could get along nicely if you choose not too. I know I am looking forward to the concluding two books in this great series! 4 stars

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