Monday, May 9, 2011

Her Little Secret, His Hidden Heir by Heidi Betts

I picked up this quick book from Harlequin Desire because I really enjoy Heidi Betts books and as her last couple of non-Harlequin books are vampire related and not my cup of tea really. This is the classic secret baby plot with a small twist. Marcus and Vanessa Keller were freshly divorced when she found out she was pregnant after trying for awhile to conceive. Even though they are divorced, she calls up Mark but gets his snarky assistant who tells Vanessa that Mark has nothing to say to her and she has nothing he wants to hear. Saddened by what has happened to her life, she leaves town and moves in with her aunt and together they open up a successful bakery.

It is now about a year later and Vanessa is in need of an investor to expand her bakery and Marcus happens to be a friend of the adviser she seeks out for help. When she sees Mark, she refuses his help but he follows her to her bakery and is meet with more resistance as that is where Vanessa has their son. Marcus quickly discovers Vanessa secret and is rightly upset but stays in town to try to work out some arrangements. They still have the spark that lite up their marriage and Vanessa tells him again why she ultimately gave up on their marriage. Marcus still doesn't really believe her and it takes a trip back to his home to finally clear away the fog and help this couple reunite as a family.

This is exactly what you expect from a quick, secret baby type story-fast moving storyline with lots of hotness-but with the added bonus of some excellent writing. Heidi Betts wrote one of my favorite contemporary series (Chicks with Sticks) and I really hope she wraps up the vampire story lines soon and writes another longer format series as she write very well. Great characters, smokin hot and fun reads...even in a Harlequin book! Overall...4 stars for this one because it did leave a smile on my face :)


  1. Thanks so much for the great review of HER LITTLE SECRET, HIS HIDDEN HEIR! I'm delighted you liked it, & happy, too, to hear you like my other books, as well.

    Just an fyi...even though vampires aren't your cuppa, you still might want to try my Brava paranormal. I describe them as "vampire lite" & "chicks with fangs. ;-) They're very much like my "Chicks with Sticks" trilogy, only with a few fun paranormal/vampire elements.

    And if you do go out on that branch to give them a shot, let me know what you think! I'd love to know if you end up enjoying them...or were right to avoid them in the first place. LOL

    Either way, happy reading!

  2. Your welcome! I really enjoyed it! :)
    I do have A Bite Before Christmas and I do plan on reading it. I didn't get to it this past Christmas but I will be reading it this year whenever I am in the mood for a Christmas story so I will see how it goes. I'm sure it is excellent (esp if they are similar to Chicks with Sticks), I'm just not a huge vampire fan, lol. Looking forward to it!