Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Never Love a Scoundrel by Darcy Burke

Lord Jason Lockwood has his life turned upside down in the past when his father favored his half brother, who was illegitimate.  After an altercation with him leaves him physically scarred, the worst gossip in town spreads vicious lies and it makes his mother seem mad and him as well.  Now shunned by society, he delights in his debauchery by throwing vice parties and seemingly fitting in in his new role in the ton.  Then he meets the lovely Lady Lydia Prewitt and just when he thinks he might be willing to change, he finds out she is the niece of said worst gossip in town.  Trying to believe that Lydia is different takes some time and with their growing love being forbidden by Lydia's aunt, it seems like a long and bumpy road to their happiness especially as Jason is trying to mend fences with his half brother who has a very rocky past.

The latest addition to Darcy Burke's Secrets & Scandals series is another winner for me.  Full of the healing power of love, a forbidden love and overcoming the past to grasp the future.  This story fits very true with the present day and how gossip can really upset a person's life.  I thought the whole subject was handled very well and I also liked that Jason did not immediately fall for Lydia after he found out about her gossiping aunt.  Lydia proves her loyalty to Jason and she has her own problems to overcome with her bitter aunt and her need for friends, a home, a family.  She is aware of her presence as an air-headed gossip but Jason learns the truth about her and in return, she helps set him free from his demons of his past.  Jason's transformation for dissolute rake to upstanding charmer was also very well done and I was glad it was not a complete one-eighty so quickly.  It took time and patience and in the end everything played out as it should.  His relationship with his half brother added some depth and set up the next book very well and I can't wait to finally have Ethan (Jagger) story!  Darcy Burke is an author to watch and each book I read of hers gets better and better and I feel she is an excellent storyteller and her romances are ones I would read again and again.  4 sigh worthy stars

Secrets & Scandals
This would work well as a standalone but previous characters to appear
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Scoundrel Ever After  Fall 2013


  1. I love how you noted that the novel is 4 “sigh worthy” stars. What a terrific way to express your feelings.

    Looking forward to reading Darcy Burke’s novel. Thanks for sharing your review.