Thursday, June 13, 2013

It Happened One Midnight by Julie Anne Long

What I liked:
Jonathan Redmond:  He was strong, sexy and much deeper and smarter than most people, including his own family, give him credit for.  When his father gives him an ultimatum-marry or lose the family money-he scoffs it off until the lovely Tommy captures his attention. When he learns the true nature of what Tommy is dealing with, he can not help but be drawn in and help her, protect her...fall in love with her.
Thomsina de Ballesteros:  Tommy holds many secrets close to her and has built up a persona that London believes.  Is she a courtesan? Does she have Spanish princess blood in her?  Beneath all that is the scars from her past and running into Jonathan one midnight changes her life forever.
The romance:  Tommy and Jonathan just connect right away and it was such a delight to watch it grow into a deep, permanent love.  Jonathan handles his arrogant father in a good way and it really showed his depth of feelings for Tommy.
The mystery aspect:  I'm a little bit vague here since Tommy's secrets come out in their own time and they add a deeper undertone to this story.  I loved how the mysterious gypsy reading Jonathan receives in the beginning comes true in a most unexpected way!
Family:  I loved Jonathan and his expecting sister Violet together.  It added humor and heart which I enjoyed.

What I did not like;
Not much really but I did feel like the romance almost moved a bit too slow.  Nitpicky I know, but I felt my attention shifting a little too easily.

Overall, another solid winner from Julie Anne Long in a very strong historical romance series.  This story could easily be read on its own but it will make you anxious to read previous ones and new ones yet to come.  Wit, charm, true love, heat, family with a deeper undertone that is sure to touch your heart, It Happened One Midnight is sure to please historical romance fans!

eARC provided by Avon Book via edelweiss

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