Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lord of Wicked Intentions by Lorraine Heath

What a lovely, heartbreaking, satisfying conclusion to Lorraine Heath's Lost Lords of Pembrook series!  At long last we get the story of the youngest brother, Lord Rafe Eason and the woman who breaks down the walls around his heart, Miss Evelyn Chambers.  Evelyn is saddened by the death of her father but her half brothers promise to look after her takes a very unexpected turn when he sells her off and after one glimpse, Rafe knows he has to have her...and no one tells him no.  Yet when the circumstances become clear as to what Eve is to become to Rafe, he sees her shock and dismay and for some reason, gives her time to adjust.  He finds himself fascinated by this slip of a woman, this woman who talks back to him and does not back down in fear.  Rafe knows his dark and tortuous past will be too much, even for Eve and he realizes he must let her go before she finds out about how much pain he has caused and try to avoid causing pain to Eve.  Eve is stubborn though and when his life is threatened he can only hope for Eve to find him so they can find a new life together. . .

I have been eagerly anticipating Rafe's story since I read the previous books in this series as I knew that underneath that gruff exterior was a kind, caring soul and I was so happy to see this all unfold.  Rafe is tough and comes across rude and unbearing to those around him, which helps immensely in the running of his club, yet Eve with her boldness and gentle heart seeps into the cracks he has built around himself and sinks in in a way that Rafe never thought possible.  I loved watching the relationship between Eve and Rafe develop but also that of Rafe and his brothers.  They have overcome so much and dealt with so much at a young age, it has been hard for them to find common ground to start anew on, even after many years of being reunited.  As Rafe still struggles with how he was seemingly abandoned by his older brothers, Eve is there to charm and help heal.  I was drawn to the story straight from the beginning as was sad to read the epilogue as I knew this tale was over.  Equal parts joy, love, heartbreak, heat and humor this romance will be a winner for all romance fans alike!  4 1/2 stars

eARC provided by Avon books via edelweiss

The Lost Lords of Pembrook series
Could be read as stand alones, deeper sense if read in order
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  1. You are a busy and lucky lady to have these gems to read. I always enjoy your reviews and wish I could write like you do. Hope you are finally getting some nice spring weather. It went from winter to summer here in Florida! Hot!

    Take care and all the best!


    1. Thanks Connie. I've slowed down on my reviews because I just don't have as much time now so there will only be a few a month. As for spring...its been colder than normal and very rainy, but no snow thankfully. Just wishing for some sun and 60s!!