Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Passion for Pleasure by Nina Rowan

Another refreshing, unique, smart and sexy romance for them talents of Nina Rowan!  It is refreshing and unique in the aspect that our widow, Clara Whitmore, is living with her uncle and helping him with his automaton museum.  I loved seeing the bits and pieces that went into making these 'new' automatons.  When she runs into her piano teacher from her youth, Sebastian Hall, she sees a chance to get her son back from her father.  Sebastian is is need of some plans that he believes Clara's uncle has so he agrees to her marriage bargain never realizing how fast his life was going to turn upside down. Her vengeful father is hiding a secret (though I thought it was fairly obvious) and he promises to drag Sebastian's family through the mud...his family which has already had to deal with the scandal of adultery and divorce.  Clara refuses to put Sebastian through any more pain in his family but Sebastian finds himself caring very deeply for Clara and is determined to help her...even if it drives a wedge between himself and his father.

Watching the love grow and deepen between Sebastian and Clara was such a treat.  Sebastian was so easy to love; he kept his pain of his hand being damaged, making it unable for him to perform his music, his passion, very close to himself but Clara sees this pain and helps him heal.  She allows Sebastian to see the light again and find a way to express himself through his music again.  I loved how quickly he became Clara's champion for her son.  Sebastian follows his heart and instincts regardless of what other people think.  He is kind, generous, loyal and would do anything to help those he cares about.  Now there were times I wanted to shake Clara for her refusal to tell Sebastian her plans regarding her son but I know she did it out of her love for Sebastian, her desire to keep him and his family out of scandals reach.  Passion, tenderness, sorrow and the healing power of love are all wrapped together in this heartfelt romance.  4 stars

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This one worked well as a stand alone though the first is just as good!
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  1. Wow! Thanks, Lisa! Another great author to follow.

    1. Yes, I think she will do well. I really loved her debut!