Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Trouble with Being Wicked by Emma Locke

Celeste Gray is ready for a fresh start after eighteen years of being a courtesan.  She is the most desired woman in London but she is ready to be done and settle down in the quiet country with her friend and find some peace.  When she meets the dashing viscount next door, she is stunned by the first true stirrings of attraction that she has felt.  But Ashlin Lancester is as proper as they come and she knows that if he were to learn the truth of her background he would never spare her another glance.  Ash has been the guardian to his two younger sisters for the past seven years, determined to shield them from the scandal that rocked his family when his determined to have pleasure, no matter the cost, father ends up dying in a most shocking way.  He wants a nice proper young lady to be his wife...certainly not the flame haired beauty that just showed up and with two younger sisters always trying to scheme, he can sense that Celeste is hiding something.  Her past is revealed and it causes Ash to rethink his plan for his life...could he actually be happy with a former courtesan?   But when Celeste hides yet another scandal from him, this time involving his sister, can he forgive her and see what is in his heart?

Emma Locke is a debut author and I was initially drawn to her lovely covers and then her blurbs intrigued me as I really enjoy a courtesan falling in love story and this one really delivered.  Celeste grew up with a mother who did not care for her, she was the result of a scheme by her mother to keep her protector, and as a result, had no love growing up...and really no place else to turn when her mother died.  When you grow up in the business, it can be your only choice of business.  Still, Celeste has achieved top status and wealth among the courtesans but at thirty three she still longs to find hope and love, things she has long sense given up the ability to feel.  So when she starts to actually feel for Ash, it leaves her devastated because she knows that their relationship can never be more.  Ash is determined to be nothing like his father, consumed by desire for a woman, and he has spent the past seven years making sure that does not happen.  He portrays himself as indifferent, critical and controlling yet underneath he is a passionate man who just wants the best for his family.  I loved the inclusion of his sisters and Celeste's friend as their stories were set up very well and I am very eager to read them!  For a debut, the writing was smooth and enjoyable but overall the story felt a little long.  I can not pin point it exactly, but it just seemed that way to me.  I really enjoyed watching this couple find the love they were both longing for together.  It is a fun, heated, romantic story about hope, family and love and is a wonderful set up to what looks to be a very promising series from an author to keep an eye one!  I know from the preview for the next book, I can't wait!  4 stars

eARC provided by author in exchange for honest review, thanks!!  Look for it Dec 18th

The Naughty Girl Series
The Courtesans
(the author says that these will be tightly woven together, so read in order)
                                                              January and February 2013

The Hoydens
The Danger in Daring a Lady Fall 2013
The Importance of Being a Scoundrel 2014
The Hazards of Loving a Rogue 2014


  1. Ooo, this sounds like my kind of story! I'll add it to my list. Hopefully I'll get to read it soon.

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    1. I hope you get a chance to enjoy it soon and look forward to what you think!

  2. What a delightful review, Lisa! It's so great to get to know a new author. I shall look for this novel and her upcoming boos as well! Thanks for sharing.

    1. I love to find new authors too! So many good ones self pub :)