Tuesday, December 11, 2012

All I Want for Christmas is a Duke

Merry Christmas, Mrs. Robinson by Delilah Marvelle
I really enjoyed this one!  Lady Jane defied her father and became an opera singer and in the process, started receiving letters from the mysterious Mister X.  Thinking she found the writer, she marries him only to be deceived.  Now, widowed and living close to poverty, she guards her heart and when her childhood friend, Martin Pierce, Duke of Somerset, appears and reveals the truth she is hurt to be deceived all over again.  I loved that shy Martin grew up in the years apart and was determined not to let his love slip away again.  Jane realizes that the younger Martin has turned into a dashing man and is no longer a young boy.  Watching them re-connect was a joy.  This was a enjoyable, fresh (we do not get to see many older woman falling for younger men) holiday novella from the talents of Delilah Marvelle filled with heat, tenderness, humor, heart, forgiveness and a dash of holiday cheer.  4 stars

The Twelve Days of Seduction by Maire Claremont
This is a classic story of a governess falling for her employer and vice versa.  What makes it different is all the details that Maire Claremont adds.  The history of the governess, Adriana Flint is sad and heart breaking but it has shaped her into the woman she is today and she refuses to lose her job to the most wonderful little girl just because the Duke of Berresford has found out her past.  When Alexander proposes a plan for her to stay, she agrees as long as he tries to seduce her...and in the process they both lose their hearts. Adriana helps Alexander see that the lower class are people too and he in turn helps her see that it is ok to let the wall down around her heart and let someone in.  Strong writing, unique details and the hope of the holidays with a nice dash of heat add up to a winner.  Looking forward to her debut full length to see more of her writing!  4 stars

Overall, a lovely holiday treat that will leave you wishing for your own Duke for Christmas with holiday cheer, heat and love.


  1. This sounds wonderful, Lisa! Another winner to add to my Wish List. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks, its a great deal and only 99 cents right now :)